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Fibonacci Art Gallery 2003
original Yasami
copyright protected 1968-2021 All Rights Reserved. To purchase a Yasami original  please email us:

Anatomy of a cloud, 23"x18" inches    $360   2018, Original Painting, oil on canvas

How copper gets its Patina, 48"x40" inches    $9,500   2016, oil on canvas

Available Original Paintings

"Composition with Lariat" " acrylic/oil on canvas 66" x 73"2005   $16,500

"Composition in gold"   2005    $3,500 30" x 30"each canvas  acylic/ oil on Canvas 


"Mind of an artist"   40"x36"   2016    $8200 "  acylic oil on Canvas

Composition with a red door 2003  $15000  66" x 66"   acrylic / oil on canvas


"Composition with an open book" 2005    66"" x 79"  $15000   acrylic/ ink /oil on Canvas

"In thought of balancing act"   1988    $14,500 66" x 60"   acylic/ oil on Canvas 

ART is a thing that an artist does. What matters, what makes it ART, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of
doubt and made something worth making, Something risky, Something human. ART is not in the eye of the beholder, It's in the soul of the artist.

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Become captivated by the original work from Masoud Yasami. private studio at the Fibonacci Fine Arts and Event Center, designer art center, fibonacci arts, music center, piano, fibo art center, fibonacci fine art gallery, artists center, Art, fibonacci_yasami, paintings, artist, artists, fibonacci original Atmospheric Oil Paintings Capture the Stunning Beauty of Billowing Clouds.