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ABOUT Leonardo Fibonacci


1987 Japan,True Source of Gravity Glued, Art of Zen and Balance
In June1986 while walking narrow streets of Tokyo Japan it began pouring rain so sought a shelter of a monastery,
I sat with a Zen Monk and had tea and admired their huge collection of Black Rocks, we both understood only 2
words HENRY MOORE the British sculpture. When I returned to Teach at Arizona State university in 1987 I
incorporated pebbles/ Stones that appeared as floating and balanced, just prior to falling out of balance and harmony
My paintings are from an intuitive connection to understanding of peace and upheaval. A wordless message through
imagery by blending the natural beauty of disorder with the disciplined order of both   BALANCE and HARMONY.

Drawing " Red paint people"exhibition of sculptures and paintings at Horwitch Art Gallery, Scottsdale AZ March 1987

Sculpture " Red Sedona Granite" Steel and Granite, 2016, measures 12"x48"

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"Blancing act with stones" 2010 Large Print on paper  36"x24"  Masoud Yasami  Available to purchase $50 to purchase: please visit: 

  Published by GRAVITYGLUED.COM  Phoenix, Arizona 2010

"Blancing act with stones" 2012 Drawing on paper framed 16"x14"  Masoud Yasami  

"Massed Yasami" 2003  photo courtesy of Steven Sebring"   New York

Allen E. Brandenburg American b) 1945 "Eagle and Visa card" 46"x32" acrylic/oil on wood 1983 framed in plexiglass    

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